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Transferable Skills

  1. How to Identify Your Transferable Skills
    1. The job titles you have held may tell little about what your actual jobs entailed. In other words, formal job descriptions are often very different from reality. That is why it's important to dissect each job you've held in order to discover what skills you actually used to do that job. If you are re—entering the workforce or entering it for the first time you'll have to look at your life experiences to get this information. Use the worksheet below to help you organize and rate your skills.
  2. Transferable Skills Worksheet — Identify and Rate Your Transferable Skills
    1. Instructions for Completing this Worksheet
    2. Complete a separate worksheet for each job or activity.
      1. In the Tasks column list each function of your job or activity.
      2. Then in the Skills column list the skill you use or used to complete the corresponding task
      3. In the Skill Level column rate yourself according to your level of competency (1=highly skilled; 2=moderately skilled; 3=needs improvement).
      4. Place a check next to those skills which you enjoy using.
      5. After you have completed all worksheets, write a list of those skills which you both enjoy using and in which you are highly skilled [1].
      6. Then list those skills you both enjoy using and in which you are moderately skilled [2].
      7. You can also keep a separate list of those skills in which you need improvement [3] but enjoy using. Set that list aside.
My Skills
Job or Activity
Tasks Skills Skill Level


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