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Types of Résumés - Central Virginia Community College

Types of Résumés

  1. Chronological — A chronological résumé format provides your work history dating back from the present.
    1. Briefly describes accomplishments and successes that support your summary statement.
    2. Stresses responsibilities, skills, and accomplishments.
    3. The format calls attention to your recent job history and relevant experience.
  2. Functional — A functional résumé format stresses qualifications over specific employers and dates.
    1. Organizes information around specific skill sets and supports skills with accomplishments and experience.
    2. Directs attention to functional skills, strengths, and qualifications.
    3. Allows you to customize content to match job position. Not confined by chronological format.
    4. Use functional format if you're a technical worker who's mainly been hired for project—based or contract work.
  3. Technical — A technical résumé format is designed to emphasize your technical skills and strengths.
    1. Lists computer, software, or specialized machinery knowledge early on.
    2. Emphasizes hard skills over soft skills.
    3. Focuses on Skills and Professional Experience sections.
    4. Technical/Chronological vs. Technical/Functional.
    5. Most technical résumés follow chronological format but include summary of skills at beginning of résumé.


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