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On The Job Training Opportunities For Employers - Central Virginia Community College

On The Job Training Opportunities For Employers

On the Job Training and Apprenticeship Programs address industry's need to remain competitive by investing in the development and continuous upgrade of the skills of its workforce. CVCC Workforce Solutions administers on the job training and apprenticeship programs for business and industry. Please contact us for a face to face consultation on how we can help you establish these programs in your business.



On—the—Job (OJT) Training Program for Businesses

The OJT Program provides individualized occupational skills training for Dislocated Workers and WIA—eligible Adults. The goal is to place participants in the occupations that will enhance their prospects for long—term employment and will ultimately permit them to become self—sufficient. It also involves the acquisition of specific skills and employment competencies through exposure in an actual work setting to the processes, work tasks, tools and methods of a specific job or group of jobs. As the employer, you enter into an agreement with the Virginia Workforce Center to hire, train, and retain the individual upon successful completion of the training program.

Through this program, you may be reimbursed up to 50% of the new employees' wages while they are in training.

Training participants must meet WIA eligibility criteria which includes dislocated worker and/or low income, 18 years old and above, legally authorized to work in the United States, and have complied with Selective Service provisions.

Employers must be established businesses with Workers Compensation insurance. Participating employers receive a reimbursement to cover the extraordinary costs of training and supervision as well as to compensate for the expected lower productivity of the trainee vs. a more experienced employee during a specified training period.

The Region 2000 Workforce Center is operated by the Central Virginia Community College and is provided with monitoring and oversight by the Region 2000 Workforce Investment Board. The Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Auxiliary Aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. For information about the Employer On the Job Training Programs, please contact 434—455—5940 or visit our web site.



The Virginia Registered Apprenticeship Program

Registered Apprenticeship Vision Video Testimonial (DOL Apprenticeships)
Published on Dec 12, 2013
Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship members speak on the release of the 21st Century Apprenticeship Vision Report which provides recommendations to the Secretary of Labor on advancing apprenticeship in the coming century.

What is Apprenticeship?
The Virginia Registered Apprenticeship Program is a training system that produces highly skilled workers to meet the demands of employers competing in a global economy. Employees are trained for occupations that demand a high level of skill through a combination of on—the—job training and related technical instruction. Registered Apprenticeship is an investment in the potential skill level of the workforce and provides a method of ensuring employee accountability for mastering the duties and tasks of the occupation.

CVCC offers a wide range of classes to aid individuals in completing certification requirements and gaining additional skills to further their careers. On the job training is provided by an employer (sponsor) who exposes the apprentice to practical applications in all phases of a particular craft. Apprenticeships are available in a wide variety of occupations including construction, manufacturing and service industries.

A single employer or a group of employers may choose to sponsor an apprenticeship program. All registered programs must be aligned with industry occupational standards to provide authenticity and consistency in certification. Industry standards describe the skills that need to be mastered by workers to qualify for beginning—to—expert level occupations. The length of an apprenticeship program varies from one to five years depending on occupation training requirements.

Employer Advantages of Apprenticeship:

  • Registered Apprenticeship programs aid employers in recruiting new personnel by attracting new applicants.
  • Teaching employees new skills and providing incremental raises allows employers to build loyalty, increase productivity, decrease turnovers and reduce training costs.
  • Registered Apprenticeship will help your employees become nationally certified, which will ensure a quality product and knowledgeable employees.
  • Your business may qualify for state tax benefits or other financial support.

Next Steps for Employers Interested in Becoming Sponsors:

  • Contact the Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI) representative in your area to set up an appointment. DOLI provides workers with job training opportunities for lifelong skills and helps employers meet their needs for highly skilled workers through the proven, cost—effective system of registered apprenticeship. Your representative helps employers develop training programs and recruit qualified apprentices. The DOLI serving Region 2000 can be reached at (434) 385—0806. The Lynchburg Field Office Representative is located at 3704 Old Forest Road, Suite B, Lynchburg, Virginia 24501.
  • Work closely with the apprenticeship representative to customize your on—the—job training plan.
  • Employers provide on—the—job training and participants spend an average of 4—6 hours per week in related classroom instruction.

Apprenticeship offers a “win—win” approach by combining on—the—job training and classroom instruction. To learn more, call CVCC Workforce Solutions & Community Education at (434) 832—7607 or at workforce@cvcc.vccs.edu.


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