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Test Taking Advice

Pay Attention to the Physical!
  • Exercise will reduce feelings of anxiety and help improve your memory.
  • Get a good night's sleep the night before the exam
  • Don't go to the exam with an empty stomach
    Fresh fruits and vegetables are often recommended to reduce stress. Avoid processed foods, artificial sweeteners, soda pop, chocolate, eggs, fried foods, junk foods, pork, red meat, sugar, white flour products, and foods containing preservatives or heavy spices.
  • Take a small snack, or some other nourishment.
    A piece of fruit or granola bar will help take your mind off of your anxiety. Avoid high sugar content snacks like candy.

Dealing with Test Anxiety

Are you nervous about taking tests? Feeling a bit anxious and stressed right before a test is a normal response to a challenge about to be faced. The stress becomes a problem however, when anxiety interferes with your ability to do well on a test. Nothing will replace the strategy of walking into a test fully prepared, but even the most prepared student may feel some test anxiety. Listed below are some success strategies for before and during a test. Don�t overlook your physical health.

For more strategies to manage your stress, visit this website. To get back to the CVCC website click on the back button in your browser.


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