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Types of Tests

Budget your time. If the test has 4 questions and you have 50 minutes, spend no more than eight minutes on each allowing for review at the end.

Quickly write down anything you can remember on scratch paper to jog your memory. Outlines help.

If you go blank on the entire test, choose one and just start writing. The act of writing will often trigger your memory.

Before answering a question, rewrite it in your own words and compare it with the original question. If the question doesn't mean the same thing, you've misread the question.

Multiple choice questions consist of a stem with four or five possible answers.
Read the directions and possible answers carefully. Are you to give one best answer or more than one correct answer.

Read the stem and each choice as if it were a separate true-false statement. Remove the answers you know are wrong then select one.

If there is a wide range presented in the answer choices, choose a middle value.

True/False questions emphasize details so read them carefully.
They're not as easy as you might think.

Your first answer is usually correct. Don't change an answer unless you are certain.

For the entire statement to be true, each part must be true.

Absolutes such as never, always, all, everyone, or only suggest the statement is false.

Qualifiers such as usually, sometimes, or often can tend to make a statement true since they allow for exceptions.

Short Answer/Fill in the Blank questions allow an instructor to cover a lot of material.
Summaries and word lists are the best way to study for this type of test.

Look for grammatical clues within the question for the answer.

If you can think of more than one answer for a question, ask the teacher if there is more than one answer.

If you cannot think of an answer, use a common sense answer. Don't leave blanks.

Use short sentences.


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