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Reading is Fundamental

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Different subjects require an awareness of different types of content. The way you read a math textbook is not the same way you would read a psychology textbook.

Hard Sciences and Math:
Demands a strong, factual base with logical, planned, sequential development of facts and function... in other words... are you a math person?

  1. Math: must understand theory behind numbers. Functions build on functions. Always keep paper and pencil handy and always work examples.
  2. Hard Sciences: Logical perspective, material presented in order. This type of reading has high factual content and literal comprehension is very important.

Social Sciences and Humanities:
Tend to follow chronological and/or thematic development of ideas. They must be read sequentially, integrating and interpreting ideas as you go along.
  1. Social Science: Concepts and generalizations are important very early.
  2. Humanities: Contains ideas and speculations about how things are or should be.
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