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History Day 2013 Winners - Central Virginia Community College

2013 Winners

District 1
National History Day Awards
Central Virginia Community College
Lynchburg, Virginia
March 23, 2013


Research Papers
Junior Division:

  1. Luke Fronheiser
          Dr. Francis Kelsey - Turning Tragedy into Triumph
  2. Paul Skorez
          Vatican II - Indisputably a Turning Point in History
  3. Patrick Skelly
          The Idea of Freedom: Lincoln's Proclamation Then and Now

Senior Division:
  1. Sean Warner
          The Warren Court: Expanding Civil Liberties and Civil Rights One Revolutionary Interpretation at a Time
  2. Sarah Wilkins
          Confucius: The Founder of a New Way of Life

Individual Exhibits
Junior Division:

  1. Hannah Schindler (Linkhorne Middle School)
          Penicillin: The Turning Point in the Battle of Infectious Disease
  2. Ethan Snyder (Linkhorne Middle School)
          AC-DC: Brawl over Niagra Falls
  3. Megan Hack (Dunbar Middle School)
          Abraham Lincoln's Legacy

Senior Division:
  1. Rebekah Chun (Heritage High School)
          Inception of Psychoanalysis: Unlocking the Unconscious
  2. Jennifer Roach (Heritage High School)
          Impressionism: An Artistic Turn to Spontaneous Ideas
  3. Russell Reynolds (Heritage High School)
          Manifesto Destiny

Group Exhibits
Junior Division:

  1. Brennan Childers, Christopher Sewell, and Jonathan Sewell (Dunbar Middle)
          The Summer of 1814: A Nation Rises
  2. Kane Campbell and Reese Evans (Lynchburg City)
          California Gold Rush
  3. Julian Welcher and Mekhi Langhorne (Dunbar Middle)
          Fort Sumter

Senior Division:
  1. Eric Wiger, Ian Oliver, Rhyan-Dennis Cooper (E. C. Glass High School)
          The Battle of Granicus
  2. Galen Shen and Annmarie Taheny (E. C. Glass High School)
          1905: Annus Mirabilis
  3. Carrington Smith and Jacob Spano (Heritage High School)
          The Space Race: Sputnik

Individual Performance
Junior Division:

  1. Hannah Steele (Bedford Middle)
          Sputnik: Catalyst to the Space Technological Revolution
  2. Katie Morse (Bedford Middle)
          Jackie Kennedy: Leadership Style and Dignity
  3. Skyler Ireland (Bedford Middle)
          Age of Enlightenment: A Turning Point in the Burning of Witches

Senior Division:
  1. No Entries

Group Performance
Junior Division:

  1. Thomas Messier, Megan Fowler (Bedford Middle)
          Paying for the French and Indian War
  2. Cameron Poole, Julia McConnell, Cameron Keeny, Anna Williamson, Melanie Smyth (Forest Middle)
          The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
  3. Jennifer Miltier, Hunter Saunders, Megan Cislo, Jacob Lafaso (Forest Middle)
          Henry Ford Changes America

Senior Division:
  1. Holly Carrington, Anne Gianakos (Heritage High School)
          Joan of Arc: the Power of Inspiration
  2. Gabby Cleaver, Griffin Hammersmith (Heritage High School)
          Gladiators: the Musical

Individual Documentaries
Junior Division:

  1. Lauren Brown (Dunbar Middle)
          The Causes of the Great Depression
  2. Eleanor Matthews (Dunbar Middle)
          The Dust Bowl: A Turning Point
  3. Mary Catherine Dudley (Dunbar Middle)
          The Opening of Japan

Senior Division:
  1. Audra VanDerwerker (Liberty High School)
          The Wannsee Protocol: A Turning Point the Annihilation of European Jews
  2. Ethan Stanley (Liberty High School)
          The Turning Point of the European theatre in World War II: D Day

Group Documentaries
Junior Division:

  1. Nick Gada and Jack Leatherwood (Linkhorne Middle)
          D-Day: Omaha Beach
  2. Taylor Robertson and Sabina Sabot (Dunbar Middle)
          The Key to the Future
  3. Lucy Jablonski and Abbey Kirkwood (Dunbar Middle)
          Treaty of Paris: 1783

Senior Division:
  1. Jonathan Polk, Gerard Brooker, and Aaron Burstein (Heritage High School)
          The Punic Wars: Hannibal's Journey
  2. Bradley Wetzel and Evan Lindsay (Heritage High School)
          Chemical Weapons: Waiting for an Army to Die
  3. rista Carter and Grayce Credle (Brookville High School)
          White Rice: A Caucasian Girl's Take on Asian History

Individual Websites
Junior Division:

  1. Piper Moore (Thaxton Elementary)
          ENIAC: A Turning Point in Computer History
  2. Brenden Singy (Linkhorne Middle)
          El Alamein
  3. Jared Latreill (Bedford Middle)
          Black Death: A Turning Point in Social Order

Senior Division:
  1. Sarah Phillips (E. C. Glass High School)
          The Printing Press: A Turning Point in Communication
  2. Brianna Key (Liberty High School)
          Turning Point in Medical History: Mass Production of Penicillin
  3. Trisha Guthman (Heritage High School)
          Revolutionizing Harvest: The Cotton Gin

Group Websites
Junior Division:
  1. Lizzy Magill, Faith Ringressy, Sarah Bradley (Bedford Middle)
          Votes for Women: A Turning Point in History
  2. Hannah Willis, Landon Cheek, Isaiah Craig (Bedford Middle)
          The U-2 Incident: A Turning Point in the Cold War
  3. alker Vlahos, Rubnina Hasanat, Christopher Hammer, Robert Hall (Forest Middle)
          D-Day - The Battle of Normandy

Senior Division:
  1. Cade Skalka and Dylan Wagner (Liberty High School)
          ARPAnet: A Turning Point in Technological Communication
  2. Hannah Royer, Alex Singy, and Clare Skorcz (E. C. Glass High School)
          A Universal Development: The Heliocentric Theory
  3. Judy Nunley, Mohammad Chaudhry, and Prabdeep Mathone (Heritage High School)
          Hamilton's Financial Experiment


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