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History Day 2012 Winners - Central Virginia Community College

2012 Winners

Winners List
District 1 History Day
March 24, 2012

Research Papers
  1. Krista Hartman
          The Jewish Revolt of 66CE: The Events and Effects of the Jewish Revolt
  2. Elijah Gallagher
          The Glorious Revolution: William and Mary vs James

Individual Exhibits

  1. Carter Leverette (Linkhorne Middle School)
          Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  2. Savannah Smith (Dunbar Middle School)
          Miller Tobacco House
  3. Emma Podosek (Linkhorne Middle School)
          The Computer Revolution and How it Changed Our Lives

  1. Sha' Quian Johnson (E. C. Glass High School)
          Buck vs. Bell: A "Feeble Minded" "Miscarriage of Justice"
  2. Rebekah Chun (Heritage High School)
          The Heritage of Humanism
  3. Jennifer Roach (Heritage)
          The Black Death

Group Exhibits

  1. Elisabeth Stephens, Emma Wray, and Alexis Mullin (Dunbar Middle)
          The White Rose
  2. Michaela Salerno and Hope Lefew (Linkhorne)
          The Reaction of the Battle of Vicksburg
  3. Jack Dodd and Matthew Feinman (Linkhorne)
          Reactions to the Atomic Bomb

  1. Cassie Smith and Allison Morris
          The Exodus: A Hebrew Revolution
  2. Amelia Green, Natasha Billard, and Hope Wright (E. C. Glass)
          George Melies
  3. Shelby Jones, Kimberly Leiva, and Payton Knight (Heritage)
          Inside Look at Pablo Picasso

Individual Performance

  1. Hannah Steele (Bedford Middle)
          Marie Curie: The Revolution of Radium
  2. Katherine Morse (Dunbar Middle)
          Women at Work

  1. Savannah Sixbey (Liberty High)
          From Silent to Sound: The Revolution of the Talkies

Group Performance

  1. No Entries

  1. Carter, Banks, and Hollowell
          The Embalming Process

Individual Documentaries

  1. Lauren Brown
          Barbie: A Controversial Icon
  2. Ethan Stanley (Bedford Middle)
          Weapons of the Civil War
  3. Kyle Mendez (Dunbar Middle)
          A Start of a New Revolution

  1. Audra VanDerwerker (Liberty High)
          Reactions to Crisis against Humanity: The Nuremburg Trials
  2. Aejoo Hong (Heritage)
          The April Revolution of 1960
  3. Annmarie Taheny (E.C. Glass)
          The Buddhist Revolution in India

Group Documentaries

  1. Maria Wray and Syndey Courrille (Dunbar Middle)
          The Tu Project
  2. Terrell Patterson and Griffin Van Epps (Linkhorne Middle)
          Focus on Reform: Lewis Hine and Child Labor
  3. Spencer Cohen, Kevin Rice, and Jalyn Rosser (Dunbar Middle)
          The Battle of the Iron Clads

  1. Evan Lindsay and Brad Wetzel (Heritage)
          A Breath of Fresh Air: Vatican
  2. Diana Milea-Ciobanu, Sean Warner, Cameron Evans, and Aainy Zahra (Heritage)
          The Sexy Sixties
  3. Eric Morris-Posey, Kyle Walters, and Samantha Terry (Heritage)
          A Different Kind of Revolution: American Counterculture in the 1960's and 1970's

Individual Websites

  1. Daniel Simon (Linkhorne Middle)
          The Beatles Revolution
  2. Calvin Keener (Linkhorne Middle)
          The Space Race: Americas Reaction to Sputnik
  3. Skyler Ireland (Bedford Middle)
          Revolution of the Sixties

  1. Cade Skalka (Liberty High)
          Skyscrapers: A Revolution in American Architecture
  2. Jacob Petrie (Heritage High)
          Gutenberg's Printing Press
  3. Veronica Bang (Heritage High)
          The Nation's First Settlement for Immigrant: Hull House
  4. Honorable Mention: Julie Clark (E. C. Glass)
          The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: A Revolution in American Labor

Group Websites
  1. Elizabeth Magill (Bedford Middle)
          The Car: A Revolutionary Idea
  2. Jared LaTreill (Bedford Middle)
          Chemical Warfare: A Gruesome Revolution

  1. Alex Singy and CT Skorcz
          The Revolutionary Find: The Rosetta Stone
  2. Chris Osen, Judy Nunley, and Brittney Terry (Heritage High)
          India's Emancipation
  3. Jacob Jamlet and Anna Yoon (Heritage High)
          Communication Revolution: AT&T


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