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Placement Tests

The Virginia Placement Test

The Virginia Community College System is using the Virginia Placement Test (VPT) to place students into English and Math classes. There are two sections of the VPT, English and Math. The VPT for English is an untimed test that begins with an essay and then has a 40 multiple choice questions. The VPT for Math is untimed and all multiple choice. Depending on how well the student performs on the Math test, there could be multiple Math sections. Students cannot skip a question or go back to previous questions to change the answer. The VPT is not a pass/fail test but will determine the English or Math classes in which students can begin. Those taking the test should allow two hours for each portion of the test.

There are a few was to prepare for the VPT. You can watch this video explaining the test and there are practice tests available for students to become familiar with the test set-up and types of questions on the test. Instructions for the practice tests are available here - Virginia Practice Test Directions. The English practice test only covers the multiple choice portion of the English test. Students need to be aware that they will need to type a full essay (more than 500 words, with an introductory paragraph, three or more supporting paragraphs and a concluding paragraph) when they come to take the English Placement Test. For the Math test, Practice Test 1 covers the content of Units 1 5; Practice Test 2 covers the content of Units 6 9. There are also practice tests available for the Calculus portions of the Math Placement Test. Visit vpt-math.vccs.edu/ for more information.

The topics of the Math Units are:

Unit 0 Operations with Whole Numbers
Unit 1 Operations with Positive Fractions
Unit 2 Operations with Positive Decimals and Percents
Unit 3 Algebra Basics
Unit 4 First Degree Equations and Inequalities in One Variable
Unit 5 Linear Equations, Inequalities and Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables
Unit 6 Exponents, Factoring and Polynomial Equations
Unit 7 Rational Exponents and Equations
Unit 8 Rational Exponents and Radicals
Unit 9 Functions, Quadratic Equations and Parabolas

To take the VPT, a student must have applied to CVCC and have a student ID number (also known as an Empl ID or Customer ID number) and bring a valid photo ID when they come to test. Pencil and paper are provided for students to use on the test as well as an on-screen calculator (with some questions on the test, the on-screen calculator is not displayed). Outside calculators or cell phones are not allowed during the test and will cause a student to be dismissed from the test. Once a student has taken the test, they will need to see a Counselor to go over their scores and enroll in classes.

Placement test scores are valid for a two year period and students can take the test twice in a twelve month period. However, if a student starts taking developmental classes before retaking the test, they are not allowed to take the test again to try to get into a higher class level. The student will have to then follow their developmental class pathway. Students must wait one day before retaking the test.

If student has high enough ACT and SAT scores, those can be used to substitute for the VPT. Information on those scores can be found here Testing Policy.

Placement/Assessment testing is at the CVCC Lynchburg campus in the Library which is in the Bedford building ground floor. When classes are in session, testing is Monday through Thursday from 8am 6:30pm and Friday from 8am 2:30pm. When classes are not in session, testing is Mon through Friday 8am 2:30pm. Call the Counseling Department at (434) 832-7800 for more information about the test or testing at the Lynchburg campus. To test at an off-site center, call them in advance to check on testing times. The phone numbers for the off-site centers are; Amherst (434) 832-7898, Appomattox (434) 832-7200 and Bedford (434) 832-7284.

CVCC complies with the requirements of the American Disabilities Act.
CVCC is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Institution.


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