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Typical Accommodations Available at CVCC

Other accommodations are also available depending on student's need and college policy. Those listed below are the most commonly requested.

Deaf Interpreter - some students may require an interpreter for all their classes.

Electronic books or books on tape - some students may need versions of books where text can be either enlarged or used with Jaws.

Note taker - some students may need someone else to take notes for them. The student and teacher are to work together to find someone in the class to copy their notes for the student. This student is to be referred to the Counseling Center to fill out the appropriate paperwork. Note takers are paid so it is important that the HR paperwork is filled out at the beginning of the semester.

Preferential seating - some students may need to sit specifically at the front of the class where they can see the teacher easily and find it easier to concentrate.

Tape recorders - some students may need to record their class for later review.

Testing - some students may have special testing needs requiring alternative setting etc. or alternative forms of testing such as oral testing. These special testing needs MUST be set up in advance. Students should bring their testing schedule to their counselor to set up a testing schedule as soon as the semester begins.
Alternative testing locations - some students may need extended time, out of class/distraction free testing (usually done in the Testing Center, but may be in other locations).

Alternative test form - some students may need different forms of testing such as oral testing (questions are read to the student and the student writes their answers). Readers for oral testing are paid and must be lined up at the beginning of each semester.


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