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Information for Homeschool Families - Central Virginia Community College

Information for Homeschool Families

CVCC is pleased to offer parents and home school students the opportunity earn college credit while completing their secondary school requirements or to supplement educational activities provided through the home school provider.

To expedite the process of becoming enrolling at CVCC please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out an application for admission to the college if you are new to CVCC
  2. Take both placement tests in the Library or at an off-site center. (you may meet with a counselor first to learn more about this placement test if you wish)
  3. After the placement test, if you are under the age of 16, you will then need to meet with the Vice-President of Academic Affairs and Student Services. If you are over 16, you may skip this step and simply meet with the academic counselor.
  4. You and the counselor will work out an appropriate class schedule consistent with your placement test scores.
  5. Take the Enrollment Change Form along with the permission letter from the state or local school district to the Admissions Office where you will be enrolled and given a copy of your class schedule. Also submit a Parental Permission form if under age 18.
  6. Be sure to observe the 'pay date' for each semester. Remember students are only pre-enrolled until the classes are paid for.
  7. Be aware that as a college student, you must sign a Release of Academic Information form in order for your parents to have access to your academic records or speak to a college employee on your behalf.

Home school families who are interested in participating in the Early College program may contact the guidance counselor at their local high school or one of the CVCC contacts listed below:

Amherst County - Adrienne Allen; 434.832.7896

Appomattox County - TBA; 434.832.7202

Bedford County - Brenda Box; 434.832.7284

Campbell County - Ken Holt; 434.309.1225

Lynchburg City Schools - CVCC Counseling Center - 434.832.7800

We welcome any organization involved with home school activities or groups to send us their information if they would like to be listed on this webpage.

Local Home School Resources:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Counseling at 434.832.7800 or email.


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