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Students may request that copies of their CVCC transcript be sent to other education institutions, employers, or any persons designated by the student. Students must either complete a transcript request form from the Admissions and Records Office, or provide a written request which includes the following:
  • student's name
  • Download CVCC Transcript Request Form:
      Adobe PDF format  
  • social security number
  • years attended
  • current daytime telephone number
  • student's signature
  • complete address of where the transcript is to be sent (include a specific office if transcript is being sent to a college/university or large company)

There is no fee for transcripts. Processing generally takes one week, but during busy times, may take a little longer. Due to limitations on access to student information under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, telephone, e-mailed, and third party requests for transcripts cannot be honored. This includes transcript requests from parents of students. The College will not release transcripts of students who owe tuition, fees or have other obligations to the College.

Transcript requests can be sent to:
Office of Admissions and Records
Attention: Transcripts
Central Virginia Community College
3506 Wards Rd. Lynchburg VA 24502

We also accept fax transcript requests that include the required information listed above at 434.832.7793.


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