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Parking and Traffic Regulations (page 3) - Central Virginia Community College

Parking and Traffic Regulations

Faculty, Staff, and Adjunct Faculty Vehicle Registration

Employees of the College are required to register their vehicles for Faculty/Staff Parking with the Campus Police office. Adjunct Faculty may obtain parking decals through the Division office. Decals should be hung from the rear view mirror and should be visible through the front windshield. If more than one vehicle is used at different times, the decal must be transferred to the operated vehicle. If the decal should break or become lost, contact the Campus Police office for a replacement. Decals must be returned to the Campus Police Office upon termination of any employee.

Enforcement of Parking Regulations

Parking regulations will be enforced by the Department of Campus Police. All fines for violations must be paid at the Accounting Office. Until all fines have been satisfied, no transcripts, certificates, diplomas, or degrees will be issued and students will not be eligible to register at the college.

A student receiving four or more parking citations within an academic year is considered an Habitual Offender and will be referred to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Services for disciplinary action.

If Faculty and Staff citations are not satisfied within seven days, a notice will be sent to the appropriate supervisor for further action.


Parking Citation Appeal Procedure

Occasionally an individual may decide to challenge a parking citation due to extenuating circumstances. The following appeal procedure should be initiated within a week after the citation was received.
  1. Chief of Campus Police - A student who has a grievance regarding a Parking Citation may file an appeal with the Chief of Police, either online or in person during normal business hours. If the issue is not resolved at this level, the student may request a hearing before the Appeals Committee through the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Services.
  2. Appeals Committee - The Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Services, one (1) faculty representative, and one (1) student will sit as an Appeals Committee as needed. The Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Services shall be the Chairman of the Committee.
The Appeals Committee's action is final and concludes the process of Administrative Review.
In the case of an appeal of parking citation, the Appeals Committee shall have the authority to:
  1. Determine that the citation was erroneously issued and cancel citation.
  2. Determine that there were strong, mitigating circumstances surrounding the infraction and cancel citation.
  3. Determine that the citation was properly issued and that mitigating circumstances, if any, were insufficient to warrant cancellation of the citation.


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