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Red Flag Behaviors - Central Virginia Community College

Red Flag Behaviors

"Red Flag Behaviors" indicating the need to complete a Behavioral Incident Report:
  • Behavior which regularly interferes with classroom environment or management
  • Notable change in academic performance � poor or inconsistent preparation
  • Notable change in behavior or appearance
  • Impairment of thoughts-verbally or in writing
  • Overly aggressive behaviors toward others; inability to set limits or re-direct focus
  • Poor decision making and coping skills
  • Inappropriate or strange behavior
  • Low frustration tolerance
  • Overreaction to circumstances
  • Lack of resiliency
  • Writings and comments endorsing violence; unusual interest in violence
  • Indirect or direct threats in writings or verbalizations
  • Lack of empathy and concern for others; inability to care
  • Anger management problems
  • Threats to others
  • Appearance of being overly nervous, tense or tearful
  • Expression of suicidal thought or feelings of hopelessness
  • Domestic Violence on campus
  • Student argument
  • Concern for student�s safety
  • Concern for personal safety
  • Unexplained behaviors of concern
Incidents that might occur under these concerns:
  • Stalking by faculty or student through Internet, in person or any other method of stalking
  • Student or faculty disruptive behavior over college policy and procedure
  • Domestic violence brought to campus
  • Child custody dispute brought to campus
  • Lynchburg City Police or area Sheriff Department enforcing an Emergency Court Order (ECO) or Temporary Detention Order (TDO) for the court system or Community Service Board
  • Unexplained classroom reaction to instructor or student causing undo concern
  • Rumors of alleged misconduct
  • False accusations
  • Disgruntled student, faculty or staff
  • Misrepresentation, retaliation, threats or intimidation
  • Falsifying records or facts
  • Any unacceptable actions occurring off campus brought to campus by student or third party
  • Medical or Mental Health conditions


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