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First, you may wonder “where is the library?”  We are located on the Main Campus of CVCC on the ground floor of Bedford Hall.
What services and resources does the Library have?  Well, we don’t have everything, but we do have a lot to offer you:
•First of all, we have books, approximately 23,000 of them, in our collection.  In addition, we have access to millions of books and other items that we can borrow from other libraries if we do not have them here at CVCC.
•We also have subscriptions to approximately 100 magazines, journals, and newspaper titles in print. In addition, we can access thousands of additional titles through our many electronic databases--we’ll tell you more about these later.
•We have forty-two computers available for public use.
•And finally, don’t forget, there are professional librarians available to assist you with your information needs and to show you how to use the various library resources.
Now, let’s take a quick tour of the library. First we have the circulation desk.
It is located to your immediate right as your enter the library.  The Circulation Desk is a hub of activity here at the library.  Here you may:
•Check out and return library books
•Get reference assistance and
•Check-out reserve materials
•Also, you can get your combination library/student ID card here.
We have approximately 23,000 volumes in our collection.
You can use the Library’s Online Library Catalog to search for materials owned by the library.  We encourage you to ask for assistance the first time that you use the catalog.
Note that the Library catalog is also located on the Library Information Reference page on the Internet.  We will give this internet address to you later in the presentation.
Remember,  you may have your library/student ID card made here at the Library. 
•There is no cost for your card; however, if you lose it the replacement charge is $3.00
•You must have your library card with you in order to check out books
•Remember, you are responsible for all items checked out on your card. 
Please note some particulars about using the Library computers:
• These computers are available for public use.
• These computers can be used to do library research, surf the net, check e-mail, and type papers.
• These computers have Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
• Please note:  Microsoft Works does not work on these computers
•You can print out pages from the Library computers. 
•The first five sheets are free, and then copies are 5 cents per page.
•You may not add files or change applications on the computers.
•Basically, you gotta take them as they are!
While you are student here at CVCC, you have access to approximately 100 electronic databases from VCCS, the Virginia Community College System, and from VIVA, the Virtual Library of Virginia. The best way to access these databases is to go to the Information Reference page on the Library’s website, at this address.
These databases can be some of the most valuable tools you use during your college career!
Among the databases to take note of are:  MasterFile Premier, which provides general news articles;
Opposing Viewpoints, which provides pro and con articles on contemporary issues;
And Literature Resource Center for literature papers and research.
There are many other databases as well.  Many actually have full-text magazine or newspaper articles, or full-text from reference materials.  Librarians will be happy to assist you in finding a database that contains the information you need.
JSTOR is a database of full-text,  scholarly articles in the Arts & Sciences and the Life Sciences. One feature is that one may limit a search by discipline.
CREDOreference can be accessed on the database portion of the Library’s website. It has short to medium-sized articles as well as statistics, graphs, paintings, maps, and photographs.
Oxford Reference Online contains dictionary entries, encyclopedia articles, maps, illustrations, quotations, timelines and a host of other bits of information that can help you start your research or supplement it.
General Reference Center Gold is : “A general interest database that integrates a variety of sources - newspapers, reference books, magazines, and trade publications.”
Our catalog lists not only our books but it has links to our e-books, government documents, and some of our online journals.
Once you get to this page which shows you the call number, you see a Request this item to place a Hold on the book.
We will pull the book and hold it at the reference desk for you.
We have several tens of thousands of titles in our E-Books on EBSCOhost collection. These are accessed via the CVCC Library catalog or a link on our Information Reference page and you can access them from off-campus.
To get access to these data bases off campus, go to the Library Information Search page and  click on the database you wish to use. 
•Please note that due to licensing restrictions, access to these electronic databases is limited to persons associated with CVCC.
•Using the databases off campus will require using your MyCVCC login and password. 
•Here is a copy of the Login screen you will see.
For more information on Off Campus Access, as well as other commonly requested Library services, use the Library QuickStart Guides found on the library’s website.   QuickStart Guides cover such topics as:
•The Library Information Reference Page;
•Using the Online Catalog; and
•Interlibrary Loan Services.
•Placing items on Hold
•QuickStart Guides also include information on how distance education students can request library materials.
•You can access the QuickStart Guides through the Library Information Reference page.
Although these electronic databases contain vast quantities of information, please don’t forget about the paper magazines, journals, and newspapers we have. There are about 100 subscriptions, located by the Coffee Shop. We generally keep print copies for about three years.
We have a coffee shop where one may relax with a book or periodical while enjoying a cup of coffee or a cold drink.
When you are visiting the library, here are a few of the small things we can do for you….
•We have a copy machine for student use at 10 cents a copy.
•We have pencils and pens that you can borrow;
•A calculator you can borrow;
•A pencil sharpener, 3-hole punch, tape and stapler are available to use.
•We can also provide forms that will allow you as a CVCC student to use the Lynchburg College Library and Lynchburg Public Library.
•We will give change for up to $5.00, if we have change available;
•Please note that we do not have or sell text books
•We cannot give legal, medical or tax advice.
•And we are not allowed to let students use the library phone.
When you visit the Library, please remember to:
•Always have paper, a pen or pencil, headphones, and a USB drive.
•Also it is always helpful to have your instructor’s name.
•Be sure you know how to contact library personnel either by phone or email
•832.7750 or library@cvcc.vccs.edu