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I am thrilled to announce that Dr. Mark Smith has notified me that the Board of Trustees of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) has found CVCC to be in compliance on Comprehensive Standard - Institutional Effectiveness: Educational Programs. No additional report is required. The Board's decision affirms the judgment of the SACSCOC Special Committee that visited CVCC in April, conducting a rigorous review of the college's assessment of academic programs. The Commission's ruling returns CVCC to "good standing" and clears the college to proceed with its reaffirmation, which will now take place in 2015. Although we will not receive the "official results letter" until early July, I wanted to share the good news with you now.

The favorable judgment of the SACSCOC Board of Trustees is the product of an unprecedented effort by everyone who contributed to the cause. As I have said before, we owe a special debt of gratitude to Joey Fronheiser and Kris Ogden, who led our institutional effectiveness activities; to Will Sandidge, Jeff Laub, Jim Lemons, and Muriel Mickles, who guided the academic charge; and especially to our program coordinators and faculty, who distinguished themselves as the college's instructional leaders and who were ultimately responsible for the success of Focus '14.

It has been one year since I informed you that SACSCOC had placed CVCC on probation. I believe I speak for all of us when I say that it seems as if it has been much longer than that. Indeed, it feels as if we have been laboring with this burden for almost as long as memory can remember. But look what we have accomplished! At this time last year, we had before us what seemed like an insurmountable challenge. With only one more year before we lost our accreditation, our very existence was suddenly cast into doubt, and a favorable outcome was far from a foregone conclusion. Now we can claim an extraordinary achievement that is a testament to our resilience and resolve and a tribute to our commitment and vigor.

Although we certainly cannot afford to be complacent about our forthcoming reaffirmation, we can - and should - celebrate this remarkable accomplishment. It is no small feat to have achieved so much in such a short period of time. Our success has defined who we are - and done it in a lasting way. Just as surely, it has announced the arrival of a new CVCC - a college whose mettle has been forged by shared purpose, mutual support, and genuine collegiality. Both the process and the product of our quest to achieve compliance have dramatized the strengths of this college - the enormous strengths embodied in you - and that is an outcome we should always treasure and never forget.

Well done, CVCC!


John S. Capps
Central Virginia Community College
3506 Wards Road
Lynchburg, VA 24502-2498


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