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SACSCOC Third Monitoring Report

We have now submitted our Third Monitoring Report to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). The submission of this report represents a milestone in our efforts to achieve full compliance with Comprehensive Standard - Institutional Effectiveness: Educational Programs.

Reflecting our shared values of communication, transparency, and integrity, we have posted the report on the Focus '14 web site, which you can access at this link: http://www.cvcc.vccs.edu/Focus14/Default.asp. When you review the materials that have been published there, you will find copies of the narrative, appendices and supporting documentation for the narrative, and educational program summary reports for every curriculum at CVCC. Missing from this information is the supporting documentation for the assessments themselves. That documentation is so lengthy and detailed it is available only through Compliance Assist, our assessment software.

In their hard-copy form, the materials on the Focus '14 web site span almost 500 pages. The extent of the report is but one of its distinguishing features, however. Far more important are the quality of the document and the college-wide effort that led to its creation and to the development of a comprehensive institutional effectiveness process. From that standpoint, the report is not merely a static summary of CVCC's evaluation of academic programs. It is a dynamic story about the college community's extended and extensive efforts to assess the quality of its curricula. It is a story made possible by the leadership of the faculty, staff, and administration and, in particular, Joey Fronheiser and Kris Ogden, who coordinated the process and compiled the report.

Every person who contributed to our Third Monitoring Report can be rightfully proud of the process and the product it represents. You have worked countless hours, made significant sacrifices, and brought the very best of your commitment and expertise to the endeavor. A SACSCOC Special Committee will visit CVCC on April 9-11 to judge the success of our efforts. Of course, we are both eager and anxious to find out how the committee gauges our progress. Even now, however, thanks to you, there can be no question that the college's institutional effectiveness program has advanced far beyond where it was last year and that CVCC is a much stronger institution than it was last March.

Last Friday, on the day our monitoring report was due, the News and Advance published an article about our quest to achieve compliance with SACSCOC. It is appropriately titled "CVCC: Back on the Right Course," and you can read it at http://www.newsadvance.com/news/local/article_f6f33132-8d22-11e2-b42f-001a4bcf6878.html. You will be reading a story about tenacity and resolve, about accomplishment and collaboration, about commitment and hard work. You will be reading a story about a college that has come together amid adversity—about a college that is becoming its best by honestly addressing its shortcomings. You will be reading a story that was written by Amy Trent . . . but one made possible by you.

The byline belongs to Amy; the story belongs to you.

Thank you for all you have done to contribute to the cause!


John S. Capps
Central Virginia Community College
3506 Wards Road
Lynchburg, VA 24502-2498


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