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Web Ready Self-Assessment Quiz - Central Virginia Community College

Web Ready Self-Assessment Quiz

Answer all the questions below to see if you are ready to take a web course. Remember that many of the questions have no right or wrong answers; some provide insight into your learning style or other qualities that help to determine your success in a web course. Others help you to decide if you are comfortable using the computer to do web course activities. You may take all the time you need to complete this quiz. In a few seconds after you submit your quiz, you will receive a confirmation page containing your answers and an explanation of your answers.
  1. What is the most important quality you need to be successful in a web course?
    Web savvy
    Prior knowledge of the subject area of the course
  2. What would you do if you are taking a web class and have a writing assignment due next Wednesday, but find out today (Friday) that you will have to work on Monday and Tuesday nights next week? (You have other classes during the day). Your friends have asked you to go out of town with them on a trip this weekend.
    Complete the assignment after you leave your job on Tuesday night
    Cancel your weekend trip
    Ignore the assignment; you have good grades on the other class work
    Talk to your instructor and ask for an extension date
  3. Which of the following best describes how you understand directions for completing assignments?
    By reading
    By looking at diagrams and pictures
    By listening to someone
    By working through small steps
  4. Is classroom discussion useful to you in understanding the course material?
    Very useful
    Somewhat useful
    Never useful
  5. What should you do if you send your instructor e-mail, take a quiz, or submit an assignment and do not receive any answer or feedback within 2-3 days?
    Call or e-mail instructor
    Wait a few more days and then call or e-mail instructor
    Nothing, just wait
  6. Why do you want to take a web course instead of an on-campus class? (check all that apply)
    I am too busy to attend a class on-campus
    I enjoy learning on my own
    I think it would be easier
    I want the flexibility offered by taking a web course
  7. Which of the following computer activities do you feel comfortable doing? (check all that apply)
    Using a word processing program such as Word
    Sending and receiving E-mail
    Sending and receiving E-mail, with E-mail attachments
    Navigating through websites
    Downloading files from websites
    Installing software
  8. Your instructor tells you that you need a particular software or plug-in to be able to participate in certain parts of a web course. Your computer does not have these items installed. What should you do?
    Install them yourself
    Contact your instructor for information on how to install
    Contact the software manufacturer for information on how to install
    Do nothing, you can probably pass the class without the software or plug-in
  9. You have a writing assignment due on Monday. On Saturday night, your computer crashes and you cannot get it working. You have your notes, textbook, and a printout of the assignment. What should you do?
    Wait until Monday and contact your instructor
    Try to get your computer working
    Write your assignment; mail or fax to your instructor Monday
  10. If you are given several choices for completing an assignment, which of the following methods would you choose?
    Writing a paper
    Having a discussion
    Doing a chart, poster, or model
    Taking a test

If your course instructor has required you to take this quiz enter your name here (if not, leave blank):

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