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Types of Courses - Central Virginia Community College

Types of Courses

Synchronous Distance Learning Courses - Blackboard Collaborate (courses identified with "C" or "99A" and possibly "HY" in the section number - you must read the footnotes in the class schedule)

Courses that are delivered at a distance, but meet online at a specific time are considered Synchronous Distance Learning Courses. Synchronous Distance Learning courses are delivered through Blackboard Collaborate ULTRA. Students can receive online face-to-face meetings from anywhere with a broadband internet connection. Students may also attend online face-to-face meetings in the distance learning computer lab located on the Lynchburg campus in Rm 3209 or at the off-site campuses (Amherst, Appomattox and Bedford).

Course Procedures
Blackboard Collaborate ULTRA is a web-conferencing tool through which students enrolled in these courses login through the “Online Meeting Room” within their Blackboard course site to a live session with the instructor. Students are required to attend class at the time the course is scheduled (real-time, the days and times of the courses are fixed). All students must have broadband internet access or they must be able to attend class at one of the CVCC campuses. Depending on the instructor and class you take, you may need ear buds or headset/mic. However, you do have options. On the first day of class, we will assist you in determining that. Purchasing ear buds or headset with a microphone is the responsibility of the individual student. A 2-prong headset with a mic may be purchased through the CVCC Bookstore and is covered by financial aid. Google Chrome is the recommended browser. This is a free download.

Students enrolled in synchronous distance learning courses may be required to visit the main campus or an off-campus site for orientation and tests depending on your instructor. Contact the Distance Education Department at 434.832.7745 for training and connection requirements.


Hybrid (courses identified with "H" in the section number)

Hybrid courses combine face-to-face (in-class) instruction with online instruction into a single course. A hybrid course meets part of the scheduled time in a classroom or real-time using Blackboard Collaborate ULTRA. The remainder of the scheduled time will take place online using Blackboard for completion of online activities and assignments. Hybrid courses are NOT half a course or condensed! They require at least the same amount of time as a traditionally scheduled course but might allow more flexibility in your schedule. Internet access is required since much of the course material, activities and interaction is accomplished using Blackboard, a learning management system.

Course Procedures
Hybrid courses may involve different forms of technology delivery. Knowledge of Blackboard is required since online assignments, activities, discussions, tutorials, etc. will be accessed through a Blackboard course site. Some courses might use a web-conferencing tool (within Blackboard) called Collaborate. Specific requirements and descriptions for each course are listed in the special notes (footnotes) section of the online schedule.


Web/Online (courses identified with "W" in the section number)

In courses offered in this delivery format, all instruction is web-based. Students who enroll in web-based courses benefit from self-motivation and discipline. Knowledge of Blackboard is required since all course content resides in this learning management platform. Additionally, students must have strong computer skills. To have a better understanding of web courses, visit Are You Web Ready or take the Web Ready quiz. Web Ready is designed to be a helpful resource for students in making decisions about enrolling in web-based courses.

Course Procedures
Online or web-based courses are conducted in Blackboard, the learning management platform used in the VCCS. Some courses might have requirements that provide resources from websites outside of Blackboard; some courses might require proctored exams; some courses might involve online meetings with the instructor. Any specific requirements - unique to a course - are described in the "Special Notes" section of CVCC's online class schedule.

Important: Please review our Technical Requirements for Web Courses.


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