Second 8-Weeks - Spring 2017

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CLS#   SUB# - SEC Course Title Cr   Location Days Times Instructor
Air Condition & Refrigeration
12286   AIR 121-01M22ndAir Con/Refr I3   Main CampusMW5:15-8:45 PMGlass Jr., H
12289   AIR 155-01M22ndHeating Sys II3   Main CampusTR5:15-8:45 PMAnderson, R
12292   AIR 155-02Q22ndHeating Sys II3   Main CampusMWF8:00-11:00Alderman, M
12304   AIR 235-01M22ndHeat Pumps3   Main CampusMW5:15-8:45 PMAlderman, M
50075   ART 102-06M22ndHis/Apr Art II3   Main CampusTR6:00-8:40 PMPeters, L
Communication Studies &Theater
11072   CST 100-07M22ndPublic Speaking3   Main CampusTR10:00-12:40 PMTyler, R
52254   DRF 128-03M22ndGeom Dim/Toler2   Main CampusW5:30-8:45 PMTrepanitis, S
52783   ENG 111-05M22ndCol Compos I3   Main CampusTR6:00-8:40 PMKoshy, L
63281   ENG 111-22W22ndCol Compos I3   Virtual CampusTba, T
11100   ENG 112-11W22ndCol Compos II3   Virtual CampusGaumer, C
62995   ENG 112-80M22ndCol Compos II3   Main CampusTR7:00-9:40 PMFarris, M
Fire Science Technology
59281   FST 121-01H22ndPrinc of Fire & Emerg Serv Saf3   Main CampusR5:30-8:00 PMJackson, D
12388   FST 235-01H22ndStrategy and Tactics3   Main CampusT5:30-8:00 PMMcilhany II, K
59282   FST 240-02H22ndFire Administration3   Main CampusR5:30-8:00 PMWormser, G
54492   HIS 122-21H22ndUS Hist II3   Main CampusTR7:00-8:15 PMFoster, R
11216   HIS 122-25W22ndUS Hist II3   Virtual CampusAnderson, E
Machine Technology
12167   MAC 134-01M22ndCMM Operation and Programming2   Main CampusTR5:30-8:00 PMAlvis, J
12161   MAC 146-01M22ndMet/Heat Treat2   Main CampusTR5:30-9:00 PMTucciarone, D
    TR5:30-7:00 PMTucciarone, D
12162   MAC 146-02M22ndMet/Heat Treat2   Main CampusMW5:30-9:00 PMTucciarone, D
    MW5:30-7:00 PMTucciarone, D
12168   MAC 146-03M22ndMet/Heat Treat2   Main CampusMW9:00-12:30 PMTucciarone, D
63834   MAC 161-02M22ndMach Shop I3   Main CampusS9:00-5:00 PMTba, T
12169   MAC 162-02M22ndMach Shop II3   Main CampusTR5:30-10:00 PMWright Jr., M
12163   MAC 164-60M22ndMach Shop IV3   Main CampusMW5:30-10:00 PMNixon, S
12164   MAC 164-90Q22ndMach Shop IV3   Main CampusMWF8:00-9:50Crouch Sr., H
    TR8:00-9:15Crouch Sr., H
12165   MAC 232-60M22ndAdv Precis II3   Main CampusMW5:30-10:00 PMNixon, S
55756   MTH 95-04M22ndTop in Mth/Precalculus Prereq1   Main CampusTR12:30-1:25 PMMorgante, B
63261   MTH 157-03M22ndElementary Statistics3   Main CampusTR5:30-8:00 PMTba, T
63059   MTH 163-09M22ndPrecalculus I3   Main CampusTR5:30-8:00 PMSmith, A
11227   PHI 100-02W22ndIntro To Phil3   Virtual CampusScow, J
Physical Education
12457   PED 111-04M22ndWeight Training I1   Main CampusMW1:00-2:50 PMTba, T
12449   PED 117-01M22ndFitness Walking1   Main CampusMW11:00-12:50 PMIngram, M
12459   PED 123-01M22ndTennis I1   Main CampusM4:30-7:30 PMLiggon, C
12461   PED 126-02M22ndArchery1   Main CampusM4:30-7:30 PMIngram, M
12464   PED 135-01M22ndBowling I1   Off CampusR12:30-3:30 PMIngram, M
12465   PED 147-01F22ndHiking1   BedfordF12:30-1:30 PMEckes, D
53450   PED 195-04X22ndZumba1   AppomattoxMW4:00-5:00 PMHall, T
Political Science
63282   PLS 211-03W22ndU S Govt I3   Virtual CampusInge, S
63284   PLS 212-15W22ndU S Govt II3   Virtual CampusInge, S
63278   PSY 230-19W22ndDevelop Psyc3   Virtual CampusBurke, J
63279   REL 210-02W22ndSur New Testam3   Virtual CampusBrady, J
Respiratory Therapy
12435   RTH 224-01M22ndResp Skills2   Main CampusTR8:00-9:40Ayers, W
11268   SOC 200-08M22ndPrin of Soci3   Main CampusMW1:00-3:40 PMCundiff, M
57216   SOC 200-09H22ndPrin of Soci3   Main CampusM6:00-8:40 PMShupe, A
63280   SOC 200-13W22ndPrin of Soci3   Virtual CampusSparhawk, T
Student Development
52785   SDV 100-03W22ndColl Success Skills1   Virtual CampusFrench, K
52787   SDV 100-07W22ndColl Success Skills1   Virtual CampusMuniz, E
52789   SDV 100-09W22ndColl Success Skills1   Virtual CampusPearson, A
63780   WEL 120-04M22ndIntro To Weld3   Main CampusTR8:00-11:30Smith, N
12188   WEL 124-01M22ndShielded Metal Arc Weld Adv3   Main CampusTR5:15-9:25 PMJohnston, B
    TR5:15-6:30 PMJohnston, B
12198   WEL 142-01M22ndWelder Qualification Tests II3   Main CampusMW5:15-9:25 PMSaloka, T
42591   WEL 142-02M22ndWelder Qualification Tests II3   Main CampusS2:00-6:10 PMBass, G
    F5:00-9:10 PMBass, G
12199   WEL 142-03M22ndWelder Qualification Tests II3   Main CampusTR1:00-5:10 PMNewman, M
    TR1:00-2:00 PMCobb Jr., E
12200   WEL 142-04M22ndWelder Qualification Tests II3   Main CampusTR8:00-12:10 PMCobb Jr., E
    TR8:00-9:30Cobb Jr., E
12190   WEL 160-01M22ndGas Mtl Arc Weld3   Main CampusTR5:15-9:25 PMNewman, M
12191   WEL 160-02M22ndGas Mtl Arc Weld3   Main CampusMW12:30-4:40 PMNewman, J
12192   WEL 160-03M22ndGas Mtl Arc Weld3   Main CampusTR12:30-4:40 PMNewman, J
12194   WEL 160-04M22ndGas Mtl Arc Weld3   Main CampusMW5:00-9:05 PMWade, N
    MW5:00-6:00 PMWade, N
12193   WEL 160-90Q22ndGas Mtl Arc Weld3   Main CampusMWF8:00-10:45Cobb Jr., E
* The current data is updated once daily (around 7:00 AM) and is provided here for reference purposes only.