Dynamic Classes - Spring 2013

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CLS#   SUB# - SEC Course Title Cr   Location Days Times Instructor
Architectural Technology
73381   ARC 212-12QDDynArch Drft III3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:00Mihalkovic, J
73384   ARC 212-13QDDynArch Drft III3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:00Koleszar, K
73386   ARC 212-15QDDynArch Drft III3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:00Revely, B
73388   ARC 212-17QDDynArch Drft III3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:00Moats, T
10088   BIO 102-12ODDynGen Biol II4   Altavista CenterT9:55-12:25 PMRanson, T
   BIO 102-12OLGen Biol II   Altavista CenterR9:55-12:25 PMRanson, T
73467   BIO 102-30QDDynGen Biol II4   Off CampusMTF8:00-9:15Douglass, M
   BIO 102-30QLGen Biol II   Off CampusWR8:00-9:15 PMDouglass, M
73471   BIO 102-31QDDynGen Biol II4   Off CampusTF11:05-12:00 PMDouglass, M
   BIO 102-31QLGen Biol II   Off CampusWR11:05-12:00 PMDouglass, M
73401   BIO 102-80QDDynGen Biol II4   Off CampusMWR8:25-9:15Lindeman, C
   BIO 102-80QLGen Biol II   Off CampusT7:30-10:10Lindeman, C
73503   BIO 107-60QDDynBiology of Environ4   Off CampusMWF1:10-2:20 PMJustice, M
   BIO 107-60QLBiology of Environ   Off CampusTR1:10-2:25 PMJustice, M
Business Management & Admin
73987   BUS 195-01MDDynCustomer Service1   Main CampusS9:00-4:30 PMBrown, T
Child Care
73435   CHD 165-10QAObserv Pri Set3   Off CampusMTWRF8:30-11:00Parks, P
73442   CHD 165-20QAObserv Pri Set3   Off CampusMTWRF12:30-2:45 PMHorrell, S
73443   CHD 165-50QAObserv Pri Set3   Off CampusMTWRF8:15-9:50Matthews, R
73493   CHD 165-70QAObserv Pri Set3   Off CampusMTWRF12:30-2:45 PMRichendollar, D
75480   CHD 199-01MDDynIntro Early Childhood Educatio3   Main CampusMTWRF5:00-8:00Haskell, M
73379   DRF 112-28QDDynTech Drft II3   Off CampusMTWRF12:00-12:55 PMSmith, R
71925   DRF 197-01MDDynCoop Education in Drafting3   Main CampusMTWRF7:00-8:00Talbott, K
71927   DRF 297-01MDDynCoop Educ D&D3   Main CampusMTWRF8:00-9:00Talbott, K
74624   EDU 195-01MDDynMobile Devices-21st Cent Lrng1   Appomattox CenterM5:30-9:30 PMFisher, S
74756   EDU 195-02MACreatng Dig Txts for Mobile De1   Appomattox CenterW5:30-9:30 PMRichardson, D
Electronics Technology
73341   ETR 285-20QDDynMicrocom Repair4   Off CampusMTWRF12:30-2:45 PMHarper, J
Emergency Medical Services
52653   EMS 100-01MDDynCPR/Hlthcare1   Main CampusF5:30-9:30 PMPurvis, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMGoodin, C
52647   EMS 161-01MDDynITLS1   Main CampusS8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
    U8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
    U8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
52689   EMS 165-02MDDynACLS1   Main CampusF5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
52690   EMS 165-03MDDynACLS1   Main CampusS8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
    F5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    F5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
52691   EMS 165-04MDDynACLS1   Main CampusS8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
    F5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    F5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
52692   EMS 169-01MDDynPALS1   Main CampusS8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
    F5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    F5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
52693   EMS 169-02MDDynPALS1   Main CampusS8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
    F5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    F5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
52694   EMS 169-03MDDynPALS1   Main CampusS8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
    F5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    F5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
52713   EMS 215-01MDDynRegistry Review1   Main CampusF5:30-9:30 PMParker, C
    S8:00-5:00 PMParker, C
52716   EMS 216-01MDDynParamedic Review1   Main CampusF5:30-9:30 PMFerguson, R
    S8:00-5:00 PMFerguson, R
73389   ENG 112-24QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF8:30-10:05Williams, S
73390   ENG 112-25QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF12:00-2:00 PMWilliams, S
19416   ENG 112-26OACol Compos II3   Altavista CenterTR8:35-9:50Green, C
73391   ENG 112-26QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF10:50-12:25 PMWilliams, S
73400   ENG 112-27QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF1:20-3:10 PMTickle, S
73403   ENG 112-28QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF10:10-11:43Tickle, S
73405   ENG 112-29QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF8:05-9:45Tickle, S
73407   ENG 112-30QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF10:15-11:05Serio, D
73410   ENG 112-31QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF12:35-1:25 PMSerio, D
73416   ENG 112-41QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF1:55-2:45 PMKelley, C
73417   ENG 112-42QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF7:45-8:35Kelley, C
73418   ENG 112-50QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF1:40-3:05 PMJohnson, J
73420   ENG 112-70QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF10:35-11:25Coleman, E
73422   ENG 112-90QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF8:55-9:48Carey, H
73423   ENG 112-91QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF10:04-11:04Carey, H
73424   ENG 112-92QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF1:44-2:35 PMTinney, C
73425   ENG 112-93QACol Compos II3   Off CampusMTWRF2:43-3:35 PMTinney, C
19439   ENG 252-05OASur Wld Lit II3   Altavista CenterMW10:45-12:00 PMGreen, C
Health Services
58608   HLT 110-06OAPer/Com Health3   Altavista CenterTR8:35-9:50Retnam, F
19400   HIS 122-17OAUS Hist II3   Altavista CenterMW10:45-12:00 PMMcCullough, J
Hotel-Restaurant-Inst Mgmt
71818   HRI 80-02MDDynIntro to Food Serv Assisting3   Main CampusMW9:00-10:50Roth, A
Industrial Engineering Tech
66497   IND 103-01MDDynIndust Methods1   Main CampusF9:00-11:45Talbott, K
66493   IND 106-01MDDynIndt Engr Tech3   Main CampusMTWR2:45-4:45 PMTalbott, K
66495   IND 140-02MDDynQual Control2   Main CampusF1:00-6:30 PMTalbott, K
71185   IND 195-01MDDynQuality Capstone3   Main CampusMWF3:00-5:00 PMHarvey, J
75434   IND 199-02MDDynTotal Quality Concepts3   Main CampusMTWRF6:00-9:00Epley, K
66494   IND 236-02MDDynT/Q Concepts3   Main CampusMTWR5:00-7:00 PMTalbott, K
Info Tech Design and Database
70756   ITD 295-01ISWeb Development3   Main CampusMTWRF0:01-0:02Bell, J
Info Technology Essentials
71144   ITE 198-01ODDynUsing iPads&Apps in Classroom3   Altavista CenterM7:00-9:40 PMHartbarger, A
73268   ITE 198-02ODDynUsing iPads&Apps in Classroom3   Altavista CenterR7:00-9:40 PMHartbarger, A
Info Technology Networking
73380   ITN 155-10QDDynIntro Routing - Cisco4   Off CampusMTWRF8:30-11:00Coates, J
73342   ITN 155-20QDDynIntro Routing - Cisco4   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-11:30Harper, J
75091   ITN 197-01MDDynCoop Educ - ITN4   Main CampusMTWRF6:00-9:00Talbott, K
Info Technology Programming
70660   ITP 212-02HDDynVisual Basic.Net II4   Main CampusMW3:00-5:05 PMEckes, J
Machine Technology
74323   MAC 197-01MDDynCoop Educ Mac3   Main CampusMTWRF6:00-7:00Talbott, K
66492   MTH 104-08MDDynAppl Tec Mth II3   Main CampusMTWR10:15-12:15 PMHoneycutt, D
18818   MTH 164-11ODDynPrecalculus II3   Altavista CenterMWF9:45-10:35Moore, A
73369   MTH 164-25QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF9:00-10:30Thomas, K
73372   MTH 164-26QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF10:30-12:00 PMThomas, K
73376   MTH 164-28QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF8:05-9:05Overstreet, H
73378   MTH 164-29QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF9:15-10:15Overstreet, H
73335   MTH 164-40QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF7:45-8:35Ratliff, D
73338   MTH 164-41QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF10:30-11:30Ratliff, D
73339   MTH 164-42QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF1:55-2:45 PMRatliff, D
73358   MTH 164-90QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF8:55-9:48Eggl, W
73359   MTH 164-91QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF10:04-10:59Eggl, W
73360   MTH 164-92QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF11:19-12:12 PMEggl, W
73362   MTH 164-93QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF12:34-1:38 PMEggl, W
73363   MTH 164-94QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF2:43-3:35 PMEggl, W
73364   MTH 164-95QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF10:04-10:59Lee, N
73365   MTH 164-96QDDynPrecalculus II3   Off CampusMTWRF11:19-12:12 PMLee, N
73406   MTH 174-80QDDynCal/Ana Geo II4   Off CampusMWR7:30-8:20Howard, K
73411   MTH 174-81QDDynCal/Ana Geo II4   Off CampusMWR8:25-9:15Howard, K
73436   MTH 174-82QDDynCal/Ana Geo II4   Off CampusMTWR8:25-9:15Jones, C
73502   MTH 271-30QDDynAppl Calc I3   Off CampusMTWRF9:20-10:10Murray, J
73343   MTH 271-70QDDynAppl Calc I3   Off CampusMTWRF10:35-11:25Berger, M
73466   MTH 277-80QDDynVector Calc4   Off CampusMWR10:15-11:05Jones, C
Mathematics - Developmental
72737   MTT 4-25MDDynDev Math IV4   Main CampusTR5:30-7:35 PMHagner, S
Physical Education
75261   PED 195-07MDDynPersonal Training1   Main CampusMW5:30-6:30 PMTempleton, P
   PHY 202-03LDDynGen Col Phy II   Altavista CenterR8:35-11:05Pettus Jr., W
19111   PHY 202-03ODDynGen Col Phy II4   Altavista CenterT8:35-11:05Pettus Jr., W
Political Science
19364   PLS 212-060AU S Govt II3   Altavista CenterTR11:10-12:25 PMLendway, S
73444   PSY 215-60QAAbnormal Psych3   Off CampusMTR10:40-11:30Magri, M
19370   REL 230-02OARel of the World3   Altavista CenterMWF8:45-9:35Smith Jr., H
RV/Motorcycle Maintenance
66234   RVH 195-01MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMBauserman, M
    F6:00-9:30 PMHuff, C
    S7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    S7:30-6:00 PMHuff, C
    U7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    U7:30-6:00 PMHuff, C
66238   RVH 195-02MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMBauserman, M
    F6:00-9:30 PMPhillips, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    S7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    U7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
66239   RVH 195-03MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMBauserman, M
    F6:00-9:30 PMHuff, C
    F6:00-9:30 PMPhillips, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    S7:30-6:00 PMHuff, C
    S7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMBauserman, M
    U7:30-6:00 PMHuff, C
    U7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
66242   RVH 195-04MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusF6:00-9:30 PMHonaker, S
    F6:00-9:30 PMPhillips, D
    F6:00-9:30 PMReed, R
    S7:30-6:00 PMHonaker, S
    S7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    S7:30-6:00 PMReed, R
    U7:30-6:00 PMHonaker, S
    U7:30-6:00 PMPhillips, D
    U7:30-6:00 PMReed, R
66246   RVH 195-05MDDynMotorcycle Basic Rider Course1   Main CampusT9:00-12:30 PMPhillips, D
    W7:30-1:00 PMPhillips, D
    R7:30-1:00 PMPhillips, D
65902   SOC 200-13MDDynPrin of Soci3   Main CampusMTWR12:30-2:30 PMShupe, A
Student Development
70969   SDV 80-01MAAcad./Life Skills5   Main CampusTR11:00-1:30 PMPacot, L
19104   SDV 100-08HDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusTR5:15-6:30 PMMitchell, N
19161   SDV 100-15FHColl Success Skills1   Bedford CenterT4:50-6:55 PMBox, B
19162   SDV 100-16FHColl Success Skills1   Bedford CenterF9:00-11:05Box, B
19298   SDV 100-17ADDynColl Success Skills1   Altavista CenterF9:00-1:30 PMIrby, M
19299   SDV 100-18ADDynColl Success Skills1   Altavista CenterS9:00-1:30 PMIrby, M
62115   SDV 100-22MDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusS9:00-11:30Fletcher, M
62117   SDV 100-23MDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusS1:00-3:30 PMFletcher, M
63711   SDV 100-24HDDynColl Success Skills1   Main CampusTR2:00-3:15 PMMitchell, N
73332   WEL 120-40QDDynIntro To Weld3   Off CampusMTWRF9:35-11:20Johnston, L
* The current data is updated once daily (around 7:00 AM) and is provided here for reference purposes only.