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Outstanding Alumni - Central Virginia Community College

Outstanding Alumni

CVCC's Outstanding Alumnus Award

  • Joyce M. Coleman '82 (1993)
  • James M. Martin '70 (1994)
  • James Peyton Moore, Jr. '80 (1995)
  • Fred B. Heptinstall, Jr. '71 (1996)
  • Susan M. Stimart '69 (1997)
  • Garry L. Friend '71 (1998)
  • Teressa M. Hood '70 (1999)
  • David Michael Bryant '75 (2000)
  • Robert Smith, III '87 (2001)
  • Arthur Dale Moore '82 (2002)
  • Don W. Tosi '72 (2003)
  • Emily A. Mayhew '70 (2004)
  • Jason Dole Campbell '95 (2005)
  • Michele Rae Stone '94 (2006)
  • Judy Roach Karniewicz '97 (2007)
  • Brian Walsh '95 (2008)
  • Muriel Brown Mickles '73 (2009)
  • Amy Griffin Ray '82 (2010)
  • Stephen D. Newman (2011)
  • Raymond Pages '78 (2012)
  • Kevin W. Barr '78 (2013)
  • J. R. (Reggie) Pugh '77 (2014)
  • Jan Walker (2015)

CVCC's Outstanding Alumnus Bio

Jan Walker

Walker Head Shot
Jan Walker is Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer for Centra Health, headquartered in Lynchburg Virginia. Working with Centra since 2002, she provides executive leadership for an organization consisting of 6,500 employees and 200 locations. Her areas of responsibility include leadership development, employee relations, recruitment and staffing, benefits and compensation, and employee health and wellness.

Since coming to Centra, Walker has led the development of a highly strategic human resources team, made possible through the implementation of enhanced technology and a “business partner” model of service delivery. Employee and physician engagement is at the core of Walker’s work, driven by the firm belief that engaged employees provide the best care to Centra’s patients and their families.

Walker has over thirty years’ experience in human resource management. Prior to joining Centra, she served as Principal and co-founder of The LEAD Group, a Training & Development Consulting Firm providing organizational development services to various employers throughout Virginia and the eastern United States. Prior to that, Walker’s career was devoted to the world of financial services, where she served as Vice President of Leadership Development for the organization now known as Wells Fargo. Throughout her career, Walker has enjoyed the multi-faceted aspects of her HR roles - - where she has been successful in validating her belief that individuals in a workforce can accomplish incredible things when motivated to do their best in an environment of opportunity.

Walker holds a master of science degree in Occupational & Technical Studies from Old Dominion University, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Lynchburg College, and an Associate Degree in General Studies from Central Virginia Community College. She obtained certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) by the Society for Human Resource Management in 2006. She has previously served on the Workforce Investment Board for Region 2000, serving as academic advisor for individuals displaced in the workforce. Walker has also served on various local community boards, including her current role as President-elect for All Points Employee Services/EAP services of Central Virginia.

Walker lives with her loving husband, Jack and their two daughters, Addison and Sydney. The family enjoys cooking together, hiking, canoeing, and tailgating at the UVA football games.


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