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Respiratory Therapy Admissions - Central Virginia Community College

Admission Requirements & Admissions Process

  • GPA > 2.5
  • College placement tests and any developmental classes required as a result of placement tests
  • High school or equivalent courses: 3 years of English, 2 years of mathematics (one of which must be Algebra), and one year of laboratory science
  • Please access the CVCC Catalog and Student Handbook to view course content, Program Requirements, and Program Standards.
  • See Ashley Pearson, Counselor for Allied Health
  • Ms. Pearson sends a referral and transcripts to Wendy Ayers, Program Director
  • Ms. Ayers sends an application to referred student
  • Referred student mails completed application to Wendy Ayers
  • Wendy Ayers and Lisa Hodges review applicants and their transcripts.
  • Interviews are set up with applicants who meet program criteria
  • Wendy Ayers and Lisa Hodges evaluate each applicant based on interview, background check, and transcripts
  • Wendy Ayers sends out an acceptance letter to individuals accepted into the program


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Contact Ashley Pearson:
Central Virginia
Community College

3506 Wards Road
Lynchburg VA 24502-2498

Phone: 434.832.7818

Located in Amherst, Room 2118