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Medical Laboratory Technology Application Process - Central Virginia Community College

Application Process

Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) Application Procedures
The Centra MLT program is run in conjunction with Central Virginia Community College (CVCC). The application process involves documents received from the Program Director at Centra and from the Admissions and Counseling Department at CVCC.

Students may be placed in the MDL curriculum as soon as the documents are returned and the interview is completed. To begin the MDL curricular courses, all prerequisite courses listed below must be completed with a Grade of "C" or better for the Science (BIO, CHM) and Math (MTH) courses and an overall GPA of 2.0 or better. To receive college transfer credits, a minimum grade of C is required.

To be completed and returned to Robin Levandoski, Program Director at the address on this letter:

  • Centra Application; Technical Standards for Admission; and three completed reference forms. After all the forms are completed, there is an informal interview.
  • The application procedure is ongoing, but all students must be placed in the MDL curriculum and have all prerequisite courses completed before the MDL curricular courses can be started.

To be completed and returned to CVCC:

  • CVCC application; take the placement test required as a curricular student, and send official high school and college transcripts to CVCC.
  • You may obtain the required forms for CVCC by calling the Admissions department at the college or going to the CVCC website.

Program Prerequisite Courses (34 credits):
  • BIO 101 or 141 (General Biology I or Human Anatomy and Physiology I)
  • BIO 205 (General Microbiology)
  • CHM 111 & 112 (College Chemistry I and II)
  • ENG 111 (College Composition I)
  • Computer elective (BUS 226 or ITE 115)
  • Social Science electives
  • Humanities elective
  • MTH 157 or 163
  • HLT 141 (Introduction to Medical Terminology)
  • SDV 100 (Orientation)
4 credits
4 credits
8 credits
3 credits
3 credits
3 credits
3 credits
3 credits
2 credits
1 credits

At CVCC, students must be placed in a curriculum before classes start each semester.


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