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Diversity and Inclusion - Central Virginia Community College

Diversity and Inclusion

Central Virginia Community College affirms its commitment to educate and empower the community by creating a continuous and positive learning environment that values and respects diversity and inclusion for students, faculty and staff.

To further this commitment CVCC has developed a Diversity and Inclusion Plan that identifies goals and actions that confirm our dedication to promoting an inclusive and respectful environment that values and promotes diversity.

The entire community is encouraged to become actively engaged in the development of the CVCC Diversity and Inclusion Plan by learning about the plan and making their views known on what objectives should be developed and how these should be implemented. This will be an ongoing process with each individual’s contribution taken into consideration as we develop and modify this plan. Like diversity itself, the plan will never be “finished” – it will be continually modified by experiences, successes, failures, and changes.

Diverse group in Student Center

CVCC's Diversity Statement

Central Virginia Community College believes that all individuals should feel valued, included, engaged, respected, and connected as we strive in all endeavors to reflect and celebrate the diversity of the CVCC community. CVCC encourages all students, faculty, and staff to participate in or apply to any educational, employment and/or other opportunity at the college.


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